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The Future of Homeownership

September 21, 2012
Mortgage Lending
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Recovering the American Dream

After years of steady progress, the homeownership rate in America has seen its biggest drop since the Great Depression. Lax lending rules and Wall Street's lust for bad mortgages triggered a financial crisis that unraveled previous ownership gains and pushed economic security even further out of reach for millions of Americans.

Today we have an opportunity to return to a stable lending environment with rising homeownership, providing working families a path to greater economic security and prosperity. But we're at a crossroads. Policymakers face major decisions on new lending rules and the government's role in supporting the mortgage market. A key question: How will these policies affect homeownership opportunities for lower- and middle-income families who bore the brunt of the recent crisis?


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The Community Reinvestment Act
Policymakers debate the future of the Community Reinvestment Act, which requires lenders to serve all of the communities in which they receive deposits. CRA was enacted by Congress in 1977.