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Faith & Credit

Clergy and faith leaders have long been powerful voices against abusive lending, and Faith & Credit, CRL's Faith-Based Program, works to amplify these voices through research and policy, campaign support, and religious reflection.

For people of faith, responsible lending is a moral concern. Religious texts warn against usury – the practice of charging excessive or unjust interest – particularly if paying that interest would deprive a person of basic necessities, livelihood or home. Faith leaders are often on the front lines in the fight against abusive lending, working with families who are grappling with foreclosure and debt and calling for economic empowerment through responsible banking.

Download the latest issue of the Faith & Credit Roundtable Newsletter below.

Responsible Lending is a Moral Concern

Historically, access to credit has almost always been a good thing for American families. Financial services – from savings banks to credit cards to home loans - have enabled millions of households to respond to emergencies, save money and build family wealth over time. Learn more about the intersection of religion and responsible lending.

Religious Resources on Debt and Lending

Recent Faith Statements