Borrower story from the testimony of Graciela Aponte-Diaz:

California borrower story: I currently have an installment loan in the amount of $2600.00 from Speedy Cash . . . . At the same time, I also have [x] $300.00 payday loans from [x] different storefronts in my neighborhood, including Speedy Cash. So basically, I have both a $300.00 payday loan from Speedy Cash and a $2600.00 installment loan. Is that legal? I am drowning in debt and I can't handle it anymore. I need some relief. This is very stressful and expensive for me, and I don't know what to do . . . . . I 've been paying about $140.00 every two weeks on the Speedy Cash installment loan, and I've already paid $2200.00 . . . but my total balance is still $2600.00! How is this even possible? Are all my payments going toward interest only? I can't keep paying on all these loans. I need to prioritize my rent ($1100.00), car payment ($320.00), insurance ($180.00) and my other basic needs like food and utilities. After taxes, I only bring home about $1800.00 a month. So this is really hurting me and I 've reached my breaking point . . . . I don’t want to default on the loan, but at this point I'm not seeing another alternative. I recently received XXXX utility disconnection notices from my gas, water and light companies[.] To make matters worse, I’m also facing being laid off from work in the next few months. I need help.

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