The OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act is portrayed as a mere codification of previous Executive Orders, but in fact it further undermines the rulemaking process. It would codify the numerous burdensome requirements contained in the orders– many of which are biased against protecting the public, vague, and in some cases mutually inconsistent — and would have the disastrous effect of making compliance subject to judicial review. In many instances, the legislation also removes flexibility in the Executive Orders with narrower, inflexible language. Particularly concerning, this bill would in effect rewrite dozens of public interest laws containing congressional mandates that require agencies to prioritize public health and safety and the preservation of the environment, clean air, and clean water over concerns for industry profits. It also would make federal agency science much more vulnerable to judicial review. The bill would create enormous uncertainty for the public and corporate stakeholders by leading to more lawsuits challenging regulations once finalized.