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MBA Report: “Bubble” of Serious Mortgage Delinquencies Growing

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported today that serious mortgage delinquencies (those 90+ days past due or in foreclosure) reached record levels in 2nd Quarter 2009, surpassing the previous record set one quarter earlier. According to new MBA statistics, over 13% of all loans are now past due and 1 in 12 borrowers is seriously delinquent on their mortgage. By comparison, one year earlier just 1 in 22 borrowers was seriously delinquent, and two years ago only 1 in 40 was.

This shows that the proportion of struggling homeowners continues to climb—even though the percent of mortgage foreclosure starts remained relatively constant from first to second quarter 2009. Moreover, no segment of loans (subprime, prime, and FHA) has been immune to this deterioration. Clearly loan servicers are not helping enough troubled borrowers through voluntary loan modification efforts and, as a result, prospects for an improved housing market remain distant.

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