WASHINGTON, D.C. - Center for Responsible Lending President Mike Calhoun released the following statement on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Tonight, we pause to honor the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg was a pioneer, a titan, a brilliant jurist, and one of the fiercest advocates for women’s rights and gender equality, civil liberties, and fair pay, among so many other issues. Even before her service on the United States Supreme Court, she shattered glass ceilings and led the fight in setting legal precedents that help women move toward full citizenship. Her trailblazing work to dismantle sex discrimination was paramount in helping our nation achieve greater equality.

Throughout her tenure as the second woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg’s opinions have had profound impacts in every community across the country, particularly communities of color. At every corner of her career, she lit a trail of justice for others to follow. Women across our nation are freer because of her work, and young girls can dream big dreams because of her example. Justice Ginsburg’s fighting spirit will continue to inspire generations to come. Her passing is a personal loss for the country. The Center for Responsible Lending sends its comfort and condolences to Justice Ginsburg’s children, family, friends, and colleagues.


Press Contact: ricardo.quinto@responsiblelending.org