The House Financial Services Committee continues its assault on regulators that fulfill their responsibilities to address predatory, high-risk financial practices. Today the Committee attacked the FDIC for curbing banks' involvement in tax refund anticipation loans. These products carry interest rates as high as 500% APR, posing clear consumer protection concerns as well as safety and soundness risks to the handful of banks involved in them.

Mike Calhoun, CRL's President, issued the following statement:

Tax refund anticipation loans preyed on low-income consumers by charging extraordinarily high prices – as high as 500% APR – in exchange for receiving tax refunds a little early.

The handful of banks offering these loans disregarded the borrower's ability to pay because the refund was direct-deposited into the borrower's account a week or two later. As the bank repaid itself, it also collected high fees directly from the refund. Often, these refund loans were sought by lower-income consumers qualifying for Earned Income Tax Credits.

High fees and disregard for borrowers' ability to repay the loans appropriately raised red flags about the propriety of the product. Third-party relationships, like those with tax preparers, pose heightened risks. The FDIC acted responsibly and should continue to take action when banks engage in suspect and predatory practices.

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