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Yana Miles

Senior Legislative Counsel

Yana Miles is a senior legislative counsel leading CRL's advocacy on a variety of lending issues. Located in the DC office, Yana covers mortgages, homeownership and Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) reform, small dollar, and auto lending.

Prior to joining CRL, Yana served as a Fellow with the Fair Housing Project of the Washington Lawyers' Committee, where she worked on litigation involving discrimination in housing related transactions. Yana also served on the outreach and policy staff of the House Democratic Caucus on Capitol Hill.

Yana holds a JD degree from the Georgetown University Law Center, and enjoys Zumba and social networking in her spare time.


June 8, 2017 | By Casey Quinlan | ThinkProgress
“The director of an agency would be moving with the political wind,” Miles said. “If there is a law on the books that already says if there are big problems with how someone handles an agency, there...
June 8, 2017
Wrong Choice Act eviscerates consumer protections and eliminates safeguards to prevent another Great Recession WASHINGTON, D.C. – Later today, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to pass...
May 24, 2017
President's Proposal would Eliminate Consumer Watchdog and Drive Americans Deeper into Debt WASHINGTON, DC -- Alongside a parade of horribles in the White House budget, the proposal's attempt to...
April 26, 2017 | By Ashlee Kieler | Consumerist
“This extreme legislation would put the foxes back in charge of guarding the hen house by putting big banks and predatory lenders back in charge of our economy,” Yana Miles, senior legislative...