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Rochelle Sparko

Director of NC Policy

Rochelle Sparko is an attorney with 15 years of experience. Her career has included representing individual clients in administrative proceedings, bankruptcy court and civil litigation at the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, and the North Carolina Justice Center. Rochelle comes to CRL after six years directing the policy work of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, where her responsibilities included government relations work at the state and federal levels, coalition management, and communicating policy information to members and supporters of the organization. She looks forward to bringing her skills to CRL, and to returning to consumer protection work. In her free time, Rochelle runs an urban farm.


February 25, 2021 | By Maria Ramirez Uribe, Gracyn Doctor | WFAE
This is causing frustration for people helping small business owners prepare to apply, like Rochelle Sparko, the director of North Carolina Policy at the Center for Responsible Lending. She says this...
December 3, 2020
Durham, NC — Over half (55%) of surveyed North Carolinians with student debt who earn less than $50,000 in annual income report a decrease in their household income since the onset of COVID-19,...
October 27, 2020
Durham, NC — Despite widespread opposition from advocates and state officials, the OCC issued a final rule today that would allow the banks they regulate to participate in “rent-a-bank” partnerships...
September 17, 2020 | By Austin Weinstein | The Charlotte Observer
While a lower required balance limit is good for some consumers, the net effect of the change will be for more of the cost of checking accounts — a free product for most customers — to be financed by...