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Keith Corbett

Executive Vice President

Keith Corbett's work focuses on eliminating abusive lending practices at the state and national levels.

Prior to joining Self-Help, he worked for 21 years in banking and insurance, serving as vice president and treasurer of North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company. In 1998, Dollars & Sense Magazine voted him "Best and Brightest in Finance." Keith is a board member of the Financial Protection Law Center and treasurer for the National Baptist Convention, USA Housing and Economic Commission. He is the treasurer for the North Carolina State NAACP, and a member of the National Association of Realtors and the North Carolina Association of Realtors.

Keith holds a BS and MBA in Finance from North Carolina Central University, and enjoys fitness, golfing and swimming in his spare time. 


May 5, 2006
Louisianans will need to keep an eye on their wallets and their cars if their state legislators pass a bill to let lenders charge 300 percent annual percentage rate when people put up their cars as...