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Cheye-Ann Corona

Senior Policy Associate

Cheye-Ann Corona is a senior policy associate based in Washington, D.C., where she works to advance CRL’s policy goals through federal advocacy.

Cheye-Ann has over nine years of experience advocating for viable public policy reforms that provide economic, political, and social mobility for marginalized communities. Prior to CRL, Cheye-Ann was as a senior legislative assistant for Congressman Al Green of Houston, Texas. Before working for the House of Representatives, Cheye-Ann was a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Fellow, completing her fellowship at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the House Committee on Financial Services. Cheye-Ann also worked as senior legislative assistant in the California State Legislature and has been involved in local land-use campaigns advocating for affordable housing.

Cheye-Ann graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a bachelor’s degree in international development studies and a dual master’s degree in urban planning and Latin American studies.

Research & Policy

Our in-depth research of financial practices is intended to guide policymakers and opinion leaders working to improve the state of lending.


May 11, 2019 | By Annie Nova | CNBC
Lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make it easier for student loan borrowers to cancel their debt in bankruptcy. The measure, which is supported by 14 Democrats, one Republican and one...
May 9, 2019
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) has announced support for legislation introduced today by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the Student Borrower Bankruptcy Relief Act of 2019...
May 6, 2019 | By Alyssa Klink | Cronkite News
WASHINGTON – The federal government promised college students in 2007 that if they took their degrees and went into a public service profession, they could apply to have whatever student loan debts...
March 21, 2019 | By CHEYE-ANN CORONA | Morning Consult
In recent years, a number of major for-profit operators such as Education Corporation of America, Vatterott Colleges, Education Management Corporation, ITT Tech and Corinthian Colleges have abruptly...