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Out of Balance Video Stories

Overdraft Loans

Out of Balance - Charlotte (3:54)

Charlotte King was 17 years old when she got into trouble with her bank’s overdraft system. After the first time, she tried conscientiously to make sure she knew her balance and understood how the system worked, but she was still charged $35 each for a series of very small overdrafts. Over ten months, she paid over $600 in fees, a lot of money for a student with a part-time job.

Out of Balance - Jennifer (3:00)

Jennifer Rakowski of Oakland, CA had been with her bank for 15 years when, before she knew what hit her, she accumulated a series of overdrafts in quick succession that put her over $300 in the red. In the first of a series of interviews with abusive overdraft victims, Jennifer describes how the incident affected her and her family and how common the problem has become.