CFPA and CFPB are not scary, what is scary is predatory lending

Americans know this too – almost two-thirds support Congressional efforts to reform our financial system. And a key element of this reform is a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (or Bureau - CFPB) to protect people from dangerous financial products and practices. Why would we NOT want that?

What IS scary? Big-money special interests fighting against reform.

Wall Street firms and Big Business are spending millions of dollars to gut the proposed CFPB.

Here is our gallery of “trading cards” on the players to really be afraid of, just click on any card to learn more:


UPDATE: Both the Senate and the House have passed financial reform bills, showing that they are not afraid of financial reform. However, Congress will continue making changes as they reconcile the two bills. As that happens, Big Business and Wall Street firms will continue to scare folks and find ways to avoid reform. Now more than ever, we must show Wall Street and Big Business that we are still not afraid of financial reform and the need to protect consumers. Find out more.

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