Signs of Predatory Lending

8 Signs of Predatory Mortgage Lending

What to watch out for when you’re shopping for a home loan.

Sign of Predatory Overdraft Fees

Bank fees for overdrafts increased by 35% in two years

Signs of Predatory Car Loans

Don't get into car trouble: learn to spot predatory auto finance loans.

Signs of Predatory Payday Loans

They may seem convenient and easy, but payday loans can trap borrowers in high-cost loans.

Signs of Predatory Tax Refund Loans

Expecting a refund?  You may be tempted to use an "instant refund" or refund anticipation loan (RAL), but most RALs are just a raw deal.

Signs of Credit Card Abuses

Questionable credit card practices bring a high rate of return to banks and credit unions that issue them - at considerable expense to cardholders. 


Signs of Predatory Car Title Loans

Before you sign away your transportation, check out these four signs of a predatory car title loan.

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