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  • Half a Million More Americans Are in Default on Their Student Loans Than a Year Ago 
    Think Progress 06 Aug 2014
    New statistics from the Department of Education show that 500,000 more student loan borrowers entered into default in the past year.
  • Mortgage Standards Are Easing, Fed Finds 
    Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2014
    Nearly one in four U.S. banks made it easier for borrowers with healthy credit to get mortgages during the second quarter, according to the Federal Reserve's quarterly survey of banks' senior loan ...
  • How Student Loans Are Shaping Mortgage Approvals 
    Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2014
    Real-estate interests fret that today's astronomical amount of student debt will keep Millennials from buying homes, but data show that mortgage applicants with student loans are not being rejected ...
  • Justice Department Subpoenas GM Over Subprime Auto Loans 
    Washington Post 05 Aug 2014
    The Justice Department has served General Motors Financial with a subpoena demanding documents related to underwriting criteria for subprime auto loans it made and securitized since 2007.
  • OCC Formalizes Rules for Selling Consumer Debt 
    American Banker 05 Aug 2014
    The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has issued new guidelines governing the sale of consumer debt, which could help improve a practice that consumer advocates say is rife with ...
  • Branch Employees Often Give False Info About Overdraft Fees: Consumer Groups 
    American Banker 05 Aug 2014
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) says 14.3 percent of big bank customers had overdraft coverage in 2011 and 2012, and 8 percent of these consumers paid overdraft fees at least 10 times ...
  • Mortgage Closing Costs on the Rise, National Survey Says 
    Los Angeles Times 04 Aug 2014
    Based on survey responses from lenders in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Bankrate.com reports that the expense of closing on a home loan has climbed from last year.

  • Debt Collectors Under Fire by Regulator 
    Wall Street Journal 04 Aug 2014
    In a move that could disrupt the business model of law firms that file large numbers of lawsuits to collect money from debtors, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took a debt collection ...
  • Future Cloudy on Payday Loan Legislation 
    St. Joseph News-Press (MO) 03 Aug 2014
    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon recently vetoed a payday loan reform bill, sponsored by Sen. Mike Cunningham (R-Rogersville), that would place more regulations on payday lenders and stop rollover loans.
  • Mortgage Lenders May Be Easing Credit Score Requirements Slightly 
    Los Angeles Times 03 Aug 2014
    Credit score requirements for FHA mortgages have declined steadily this year, but Ellie Mae reports that average FICO scores have not budged in months for borrowers seeking financing in the broader ...
  • Bill Would Let ?Medically Distressed? Cast Off Student Loans 
    Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2014
    A proposal has been put forth to allow college graduates with heavy medical debt to eliminate their student loans. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.
  • Homeowners Increasingly Satisfied With Mortgage Servicers, Study Says 
    Chicago Tribune 31 Jul 2014
    Mortgage servicers are redeeming themselves in the eyes of many homeowners -- especially those in danger of delinquency -- reports J.D. Power.
  • Families Borrow Less for College 
    Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2014
    American families are counting more on their own income and savings, and less so on student loans, to pay for higher education, according to an annual study by Sallie Mae.
  • Backlog Mounts for Homeowner Program 
    Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2014
    The servicers processing applications for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are having trouble keeping up with requests for loan workouts.
  • That $5 Latte Is Now Less Likely to Cost You $35 in Overdraft Fees 
    Washington Post 30 Jul 2014
    Some of the largest U.S. banks have worked to reduce customers' chances of incurring overdrafts. Research firm Moebs Services reports that 52 percent of banks with $50 billion-plus in assets have ...
  • FTC: Bill Collectors Posed as Cops to Threaten Arrest 
    Housing Wire 30 Jul 2014
    One in three Americans is delinquent on their bills, and many are targeted by collectors who employ excessive measures.
  • Targeting Scams Against the Elderly 
    Washington Post 30 Jul 2014
    Financial fears have made many U.S. consumers -- senior citizens, in particular -- more vulnerable to investment scams.
  • High-Tech Repo Men Are Reshaping Subprime Auto Lending 
    American Banker 29 Jul 2014
    Auto lenders are still aggressively pursuing subprime consumers, possibly because of technological advances that have made repossession cheaper and easier.
  • Soldiers Get $92 Million in Debt Relief Under Settlement 
    Associated Press 29 Jul 2014
    Thirteen states have settled an investigation into deceptive lending, and the court agreement is expected to provide $92 million in debt relief for 17,800 members of the U.S. military.
  • Payments Puzzle Persists at Banks 
    Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2014
    Hundreds of small and regional banks continue to process checking-account transactions in order from the highest amount to the lowest, a policy that can trigger multiple overdraft fees in the same ...
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