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  • Online Lending Sites Offer Alternative to Traditional Borrowing 
    New York Times 02 Oct 2014
    Consumers wanting to consolidate loans or credit card debt or borrow for a vacation or a wedding once had few options other than obtaining a personal loan from a local bank or using another credit ...
  • The High-Tech Ways Debt Collectors Get You to Pay Up 
    Credit.com 02 Oct 2014
    Debt collectors are using the latest technology, including social media and "ignition interrupt devices," to track down debtors, prompting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to launch ...
  • High Court to Take Housing Bias Case 
    Associated Press 02 Oct 2014
    The nation's highest court is again preparing to take on the controversial principle of "disparate impact" as it applies to housing bias.
  • CoreLogic: U.S. Foreclosure Rate Crept Up in August 
    MortgageOrb.com 02 Oct 2014
    CoreLogic estimates that 45,000 foreclosures were processed in August, about 1.1 percent more than in July.

    The tally is down 22.
  • Subprime Credit Cards Are Making a Comeback: ABA 
    American Banker 01 Oct 2014
    The American Bankers Association says that after a six-year slump, the subprime credit card market has posted a 62 percent gain, with new subprime accounts rising from 1.
  • HUD Watchdog Accuses EverBank of Violating FHA Short Sale Policies 
    Housing Wire 01 Oct 2014
    A HUD watchdog investigating short sales by EverBank has concluded that the bank violated FHA policies.
  • Checking the Check Cashers 
    Bohemian.com 01 Oct 2014
    California is one of 32 states that has seen growth in payday lending over the last two decades. It has had trouble enacting any limits on payday lenders beyond the existing laws since the practice ...
  • Hispanic Borrowers Diminishing in California Housing 
    Bloomberg BusinessWeek 30 Sep 2014
    In California, Hispanics -- more than any other group -- have been unable to tap into the housing recovery and rebuild wealth through homeownership, mainly due to tighter mortgage underwriting and ...
  • U.S. to Shield Military From High-Interest Debt 
    Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2014
    The Obama administration will propose more stringent financial protections for personal loans made to military borrowers, due to concern that lenders are avoiding existing rules meant to keep ...
  • Minority Borrowers Feel Mortgage Pinch 
    Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2014
    While the housing market continues its unsteady rebound, a new Federal Reserve study shows that black and Hispanic borrowers are receiving a smaller slice of the mortgage pie.
  • Bill Limiting 'Payday Loan' Rates Pre-Filed in Kentucky General Assembly 
    WFPL News 22 Sep 2014
    State Sen. Reggie Thomas (D-Lexington) has pre-filed a bill for the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly that would limit the amount of interest charged by payday lenders and gradually lower borrowers' ...
  • Should Mortgage Lending Standards Ease? 
    Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2014
    One reason home construction is barely rising is today's tough lending standards. Whether or not to relax underwriting, however, is no simple matter.
  • In Checking Accounts, The Less You Have, The More You May Pay 
    New York Times 21 Sep 2014
    The rules and fees associated with basic checking accounts can vary widely, with the annual cost ranging from $0 to more than $700, based on a 2014 survey by WalletHub.
  • College Debt Leaves Generation X Grads Less Wealthy Than Parents 
    Dallas Morning News 21 Sep 2014
    Although most college-educated Americans in their 30s and 40s earn more than their parents did at the same age, a new Pew Charitable Trusts report finds they are saving less -- partly due to student ...
  • CFPB Memo Extends Mortgage Protections to Same-Sex Marriages 
    Housing Wire 19 Sep 2014
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has quietly issued guidance reminding mortgage professionals that it expects same-sex households to receive fair treatment when applying for home loans and ...
  • Lenders Turning to High-Interest Personal Loans 
    Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2014
    Lenders are focusing on high-interest personal loans in an attempt to increase revenue, which is being chipped away by new rules on mortgages and credit cards.
  • Student Debt Could Reduce Home Sales 8 Percent This Year, Report Says 
    Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2014
    Mounting student loan obligations will hold back home sales by about 8 percent this year, predicts John Burns Real Estate Consulting. A report released by the advisory firm on Sept.
  • The Democrats' Student-Loan Weapon 
    Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2014
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has become her party's primary advocate for student-loan reform; however, her proposal to let borrowers refinance at current rates was shot down by Republicans.
  • Banks Discount Mortgages 
    Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2014
    In a move to help low-income and subprime borrowers, two of the country's biggest banks have agreed to offer below-market interest rates on certain home loans.
  • Congress Considers Bill to Aid Homeowners Facing Foreclosures 
    Central Valley Business Times (CA) 17 Sep 2014
    With bipartisan co-sponsorship and support from the real estate sector, U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) has introduced a proposal that would accelerate short sales.
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