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  • Student Borrowers and the Economy 
    New York Times 11 Jun 2014
    This week, President Barack Obama signed an executive order intended to help millions of borrowers struggling with student loans.
  • Softened Mortgage Rule Advances 
    Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2014
    The Securities and Exchange Commission has relaxed its position on a Dodd-Frank mortgage rule, paving the way for the standard to win approval and be finalized in coming months.
  • Cordray Defends Rulemaking Delays to Senate Panel 
    American Banker 11 Jun 2014
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken longer than expected to issue a final report on arbitration clauses and to develop rules for prepaid cards, payday loans, and student loans.
  • House Passes Tweak to Loosen QM Rule 
    American Banker 11 Jun 2014
    The Mortgage Choice Act won House approval by way of a late June 9 voice vote.

    The measure would count neither insurance and taxes held in escrow nor fees paid to affiliated companies as ...
  • Ohio Court Lets Payday Loans Stand 
    Cincinnati Enquirer 11 Jun 2014
    A unanimous June 11 ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court allows payday lenders to operate under the state's Mortgage Loan Act instead of under the 2008 Short-Term Lender Act.
  • Court Rules Against Wells Fargo on Mortgage Allegations 
    Associated Press 10 Jun 2014
    A U.S. appellate court has ruled that Wells Fargo must face new allegations of mortgage wrongdoing despite an existing settlement under which it has already paid out $5 billion.
  • Lost Generation Casts Shadow Over Housing Market 
    Wall Street Journal 10 Jun 2014
    President Barack Obama's executive order expanding student-debt relief is a modest change that is unlikely to move the needle in ways that matter to investors.
  • HMDA Data Offers Clues on Discrimination Against Gays 
    American Banker 10 Jun 2014
    Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data show that denials were down in all categories for male and female same-sex borrowers in 2012, but the rate was still higher for same-sex couples than for mixed-sex ...
  • How a High Court Ruling on Tribal Powers May Impact Payday Lending 
    American Banker 10 Jun 2014
    The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case between the state of Michigan and the Bay Mills Indian Community, which upheld tribal sovereignty in the case of a casino, did not deal with payday ...
  • Congressional Inaction on Debt Forgiveness Bill Affects Short Sales 
    Los Angeles Times 09 Jun 2014
    The expiration of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act on Dec. 31 is affecting the broader housing market.
  • Economic Worries Still Dragging Down Housing Market, Fannie Mae Says 
    Los Angeles Times 09 Jun 2014
    A new survey from Fannie Mae indicates that 57 percent of respondents believe the economy is moving in the wrong direction.
  • Student Debt Relief to Expand 
    Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2014
    President Barack Obama will announce a plan on June 9 to expand the "Pay As You Earn" program to as many as 5 million more Americans with federal student loans.
  • CFPB Going Digital 
    Housing Wire 09 Jun 2014
    With a surge in new regulation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is executing extra effort to ensure everything is understandable to borrowers, lenders, and servicers alike.
  • Cracking Down on Illegal Mortgage Referrals 
    New York Times 08 Jun 2014
    Since assuming enforcement of the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA) from HUD three years ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has shown the mortgage, title, and realty ...
  • Payday Loan Bill: Reform or Phony? 
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07 Jun 2014
    The Missouri Legislature this year voted to tighten restrictions on payday lenders, but consumer advocates say lenders will be able to easily side-step these new barriers.
  • Summers: Why Obama Didn't Push Broad Mortgage-Debt Reduction 
    Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2014
    Larry Summers, head of the White House's National Economic Council in the early years of the Obama administration, is defending President Obama's mortgage-relief policy.
  • To Protect Service Members, Defense Department Plans Broad Ban on High-Cost Loans 
    ProPublica 04 Jun 2014
    Saying that it has been inadequate, the Department of Defense intends to expand the 2007 Military Lending Act (MLA).
  • Fannie Mae Widens Unemployment Forbearance Powers for Mortgage Servicers 
    Housing Wire 04 Jun 2014
    Servicers using Fannie Mae's Unemployment Forbearance program no longer need the mortgage financier's approval to grant relief to recently unemployed borrowers who are imminent danger of default.
  • Federal Judge Rules Against AMG Payday Lending Operation 
    American Banker 04 Jun 2014
    U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro in Nevada has ruled that Kansas-based payday lending operation AMG Services intentionally deceived borrowers about the cost of their loans.
  • Female Senators Tie College Loan Push to Equal Pay 
    UPI 04 Jun 2014
    Female Democratic senators are linking the issues of equal pay and student loans in hopes of making both the centerpiece of their midterm strategy.
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