Wells Fargo Sold This Woman’s House in Foreclosure Even Though She Paid Up

June 13, 2013
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Florida resident Jo-An Seipp says Wells Fargo sold her house in foreclosure, even though she was current on her mortgage. She fell behind on the payments in 2011 due to business difficulties, and the home went into foreclosure the following year. In the final judgment, however, the judge gave her 60 days to pay what she owed; and she remitted the full amount that the bank quoted: $141,441.81. The bank reinstated her loan and said that it had vacated the final motion to foreclose, meaning that she should have been the rightful owner of her house again, with no danger of a foreclosure sale. In reality, the bank had failed to stop the sale and the property was purchased by real estate investment firm Crimson Ibis, LLC. Seipp claims that she received no notice of the sale. In a recent hearing, a judge confirmed that the title belongs to Crimson Ibis and that Seipp's only recourse is to sue the bank for damages. The next step is appeal, which may take years and, Seipp fears, could end in her family's eviction. Banks in recent years have been accused of widespread fraud and misconduct with regard to housing foreclosures. Banks have been ordered to end the practice of dual tracking, though the practice still continues, and have been found guilty of “robo-signing” mortgages and may have illegally foreclosed on thousands of members of the military.
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