TransUnion: Credit Quality of Mortgage Borrowers Nationwide Has Improved

May 14, 2013
Chicago Tribune  
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Despite overall high rates of delinquency, TransUnion reports that credit quality actually has improved for U.S. mortgage borrowers. The credit information provider, after reviewing 52 million home loans, finds that older mortgages and those long past due are keeping delinquency rates high. However, newer loans -- those originated after 2010 -- are performing at levels seen before the housing bubble. "We put water in the pool a long time ago," TransUnion's Tim Martin says. "We're not adding any more water. We're just not draining it very fast." TransUnion also reports that much more time is needed today than six years ago to resolve issues with a delinquent loan -- either through modification, sale, or foreclosure. That process has stretched out from an average of 257 days in 2007 to 417 days currently.
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