Study: Women More Likely Than Men to Delay Homeownership Because of Student Debt

August 6, 2013
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A recent NerdWallet survey of 2,616 people found that a borrower's gender has a fairly significant impact on attitudes toward home loans and student debt load. Researchers determined that with every additional $200 in monthly student loan obligations, a woman is 4.0 percent more likely to put off buying a home. A man of the same financial circumstances and disposition, however, was found to be just 1.4 percent more likely to delay homeownership. The study controls for such variables as financial literacy, general aversion to debt, age, and more. Specifically, respondents were asked to what extent they agreed that student loans had forced them to delay homeownership. Their attitudes were measured on the likert scale, which rates responses from one to five. A score of five meant the respondent strongly agreed that student debt had delayed their plans for also shouldering a mortgage, while a one meant that they "strongly disagreed."
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