FTC Halts Allegedly Phony Mortgage Relief Scheme

July 2, 2013
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The Federal Trade Commission filed suit in federal court to stop a mortgage relief scheme, claiming that the players deceived troubled homeowners and charged them $2,000 to $4,000 based on phony foreclosure rescue claims. Defendants are named as Apex Solutions, Inc.; William D. Goodrich, Attorney, Inc.; A to Z Marketing, Inc.; Apex Members, LLC; Backend Inc.; Expert Processing Center, Inc.; and Smart Funding Corp. Allegedly, the defendants claimed to provide legal aid to homeowners to prevent foreclosure and lower their mortgage payments but charged them upfront fees that violated federal law, delivered little help, and increased the consumers' debt. The court has signed a temporary restraining order that shuts down the defendants’ websites, freezes their assets, and provides for appointment of a receiver pending trial. The defendants marketed their scheme with official-looking mailers or through websites, telemarketing calls, and radio ads. Many consumers were falsely guaranteed a loan workout that supposedly would make their payments more affordable. In reality, the defendants often failed to provide the promised loan modification or other help. The complaint charges the defendants with violations to the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule.
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