Debt Collectors Are More Likely to Go After Black People

December 17, 2013
Huffington Post 
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Debt collectors are more likely to call African-American borrowers than Caucasian borrowers, even though both racial groups have relatively equal levels of debt and repayment rates, according to research by think tank Demos and the NAACP Economic Department.

The survey of moderate-income U.S. households with credit card debt found that blacks were no more likely than whites to be late on a payment or to declare bankruptcy or get evicted. African Americans, however, do tend to have lower credit scores than Caucasian Americans -- a gap that widened during the financial crisis because subprime lenders were more likely to target them during the housing boom with loans that were more likely to default. Additionally, the unemployment rate for African Americans is at 12.5 percent, more than double the 6.2 percent rate among Caucasians. African Americans also have a more difficult time getting a home loan, earn less, are more likely to live in poverty, and are less likely to have health insurance.

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