Data Show Car Title Loans Grow in Virginia in 2012

July 15, 2013
Roanoke Times (VA) 
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New data show that auto title lenders gave out more than 161,500 loans worth about $180 million last year, up from nearly 128,500 loans worth more than $125 million in 2011. The number of car title lending locations expanded over the same period, reports the State Corporation Commission, to 395 from 378. Some 132,690 individuals took out these loans in 2012, up about 26 percent from the year before, and 20 percent of borrowers failed to make a monthly payment on a loan for at least 60 days. Jay Speer, executive director of the Virginia Poverty Law Center, said, "It just means that more people are getting into financial trouble with these loans. None of these loans are any good for anybody except to get them into more debt and cause them more problems." Car title lenders last year repossessed more than 13,000 vehicles, about 80 percent of which were sold to recoup outstanding loans. Use of payday loans, meanwhile, has been steady after a dramatic drop; lenders provided about 461,000 loans worth more than $181 million in 2012, about 2 percent fewer than 2011.
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