Consumers May Save on Credit Card Cash Back Deals

November 22, 2011
USA Today P. 1B
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Credit card companies and retailers with credit cards will be more aggressive than ever this holiday season in promoting cash-back deals and savings benefits, credit card experts say. "Card issuers are courting consumers again," according to Beverly Harzog at "This is the perfect time, when people are really looking to get a deal to make it through the holidays." Despite the benefits, shoppers using rewards cards must also be aware of the potential disadvantages. Failing to pay the credit card balance in full and on time, for example, will "negate any rewards you get," warns Harzog. Retailers, meanwhile, will promote their store cards aggressively during the holidays; but consumers should know that interest rates on those accounts generally are 10 percentage points higher than on Visa, American Express, and other cards.
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