Albemarle Woman Sues Over Car Loan, Repo

July 24, 2011
Charlottesville Daily Progress 
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An Albemarle County, Va., woman is suing title lender Allied Cash Advance over reportedly poor communication that resulted in her losing her car. Ramonda Brown is accusing the company of violating the Truth in Lending Act, improperly repossessing the vehicle under the Uniform Commercial Code, and misrepresentation under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. Brown said she went to the Allied office, completed paperwork, and was given a check the same day. According to her lawsuit, Brown began making late payments beginning in 2010 through February 2011. The complaint said Brown made the payment for the previous month when she received her check on the third day of the following month. Allied employees reportedly knew that she would make late payments and would incur a late fee. After receiving her bill for $430.38 plus the $15 late fee, the suit said, Brown made a $445.38 payment on Jan. 3. The lawsuit says she then received "two confusing letters," one of which indicated that she had not acted within a 10-day waiting period that had not ended yet. Brown then contacted Allied, according to the suit. "Plaintiff was told that if she made her January payment as she normally did and then paid an extra hundred dollars, then her car would be taken off the repossession list," the lawsuit said. The complaint said Brown made that payment but then received a letter that said she had been sent a notice of default and had not acted within another 10-day period that had not lapsed yet. Brown's vehicle was repossessed on Feb. 25. Brenda Castañeda, one of the attorneys representing the complainant, said she has represented several people against title lenders. "With almost every set of paperwork that comes in ... I can always find a violation with state or federal law," Castañeda said.
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