The State of Lending in America and Its Impact on U.S. Households

Published: December 13, 2012

State of Lending provides an across-the-board survey of financial products that Americans use to handle everyday transactions, buy homes and automobiles, and build savings and wealth.

The report outlines predatory lending practices in various fields of consumer lending, and explains why protecting fair, affordable access to credit is vital for both consumers and the U.S. economy. The report also describes the regulatory and legislative actions needed to halt the predatory lending practices that exist today and prevent the rise of new abuses. It is intended to inform the critical debate on how to rebuild our economy and invest in the future of American families.

New Chapter: Debt Settlement
Part 1: Abuses In Traditional Lending
Part 2: Debt Trap Lending
Part 3: Abusive Debt Collection & Debt Settlement
Part 4: The Cumulative Effect of Predatory Lending

13. Cumulative Impact of Predatory Lending - Coming 2015



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State of Lending Visualized

Visualizing the state of lending

Visual resources illustrating some of the findings from the State of Lending research

Visualizing the State of Lending

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