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1. Indiana Attorney General Going After Mortgage Bailout Scammers

(Web Page; Tue Feb 04 14:17:00 CST 2014)

There are just two mortgage bailout firms operating legally in Indiana, and state Attorney General Greg Zoeller has filed suit against three that are not.Florida-based Mortgage Solutions Clearing House and California-based Federal Modifi...

2. The Problem with the Paulson Bailout Plan

(Web Page; Wed Aug 18 14:27:00 CDT 2010)

Any Real Financial Solution Must Stop Foreclosures The government's proposed bailout plan is a $700 million gift to the financial industry that comes with no accountability and will do nothing to stop millions of foreclosures. Under the...

3. Bailout Won’t Stop Foreclosures

(Web Page; Fri Aug 20 09:31:00 CDT 2010)

The government plan announced by Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke fails to deal with the root cause of the crisis---families in foreclosure----and instead is purely and simply a bailout of the lenders who created this...

4. Banker Bailout is Neither Effective nor Fair

(Web Page; Fri Aug 20 09:33:00 CDT 2010)

Today the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) registered major disappointment with a bailout proposal that fails to address the root causes of today's economic crisis. While agreeing that the current situation calls for substantial gov...

5. What Leaders Are Saying About Bailout Plan

(Web Page; Fri Aug 20 11:45:00 CDT 2010)

A Sample of What Leaders Are Saying … Wall Street aggressively marketed loans that were damaging, deceptive, and led to the worst foreclosure epidemic in decades. The government's so-called solution bails out the very companies t...

6. bailout chart

(Web Page; Thu Dec 10 12:47:00 CST 2009)

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7. Proposed Bailout Does Virtually Nothing to Assist Troubled Homeowners

(Web Page; Fri Aug 20 11:22:00 CDT 2010)

As civil rights, consumer, and housing organizations that represent homeowners and communities devastated by the foreclosure crisis, we are extremely disappointed that the proposed bailout package does virtually nothing to assist trouble...

8. Costliest Bailout Ever: Why Oversight Overhaul is Needed

(Web Page; Fri Aug 20 10:07:00 CDT 2010)

"On the anniversary of the costliest financial bailout in U.S. history, we back President Obama's renewed call for the creation of a new agency to bring commonsense oversight to the financial services industry and, in the process, protec...

9. Eakes: Bailout Must Give Homeowners Access to the Courts

(Web Page; Fri Aug 20 10:28:00 CDT 2010)

Hello, I'm Martin Eakes, founder and head of Self Help, one of the nation's largest community development institutions, and I'm also the CEO of the Center for Responsible Lending. I appreciate the invitation from the Leadership Conferen...

10. Bailout: Government's Power to Modify Loans Limited

(Web Page; Wed Aug 18 13:35:00 CDT 2010)

As Congress considers the $700 billion bailout proposal, some argue that if the government acquires mortgage-backed securities (MBS) that include distressed loans, the government will have the right to modify those loans to prevent forec...

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