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CRL conducts in-depth research on the extent and impact of predatory lending, to provide useful information to consumers, community advocates, and policymakers alike.

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  • Gainful Employment: A Civil Rights Perspective
    Published: Nov 3 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    CRL and seven other civil rights organizations jointly authored a policy brief that shares the adverse impacts students of color experience and a primary impetus for a strong gainful employment rule.

  • CRL Comment on HMDA Changes
    Published: Oct 29 2014      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    On October 29, the Center for Responsible Lending joined a coalition of consumer and civil rights organization to comment on the proposed changes to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)...

  • Three Ways to Fix Private Student Loan Troubles
    Published: Oct 27 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    CRL senior policy analyst Maura Dundon highlights key problems with private student loans, offers ways regulators can better assist consumers.

  • Analysis: New State Data Show California Payday Lenders Continue to Rely on Trapping Borrowers in Debt
    Published: Oct 9 2014      Issue: Payday Loans

    The California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) released data on October 3, 2014 showing the extent to which repeat lending comprises the bulk of payday loan activity.[i] Over 75% of all...

  • Attorneys General in 14 States Support More Accountability From For-Profit Colleges
    Published: Oct 8 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    Attorneys General representing states in the South, Midwest, Southwest and Northeast stand united in support of progressive reforms affecting for-profit college accountability.

  • Do Students of Color Profit from For-Profit College?
    Published: Oct 3 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    A post-secondary education is increasingly necessary in order to obtain a high-quality job and a lifetime of financial security and wealth-building opportunities. Many students finance their...

  • 2013 HMDA: Data Show People of Color Being Left Behind in Slowly Recovering Mortgage Market
    Published: Sep 30 2014      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    The 2013 mortgage data submitted by lenders under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reflects a slowly recovering mortgage market that troublingly continues to under-serve important market...

  • CRL Comment on CFPB Complaint Narratives
    Published: Sep 22 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    This comment supports the CFPB's proposal to make consumer complaint narratives public, and emphasizes the need to do this in the context of student loans. It also provides recommendations on how...

  • CRL President Mike Calhoun Testifies Before Senate Banking Committee
    Published: Sep 16 2014      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    On September 16, CRL President Mike Calhoun delivered testimony before the Senate Banking Committee at a hearing called “Examining the State of Small Depository Institutions.”

  • G-Fees Should be Lowered, not Raised
    Published: Sep 15 2014      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    As the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) considers how best to manage mortgage risk CRL responded to its offer for comments. Discouraging fees that would create unnecessary barriers to...

  • No Need for Higher MI Fees with QM
    Published: Sep 15 2014      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Consumers with lower credit scores often also have low down payments when purchasing a home. As a result, fees for mortgage insurance are added to payments. In these comments, CRL argues for these...

  • Issues and Outcomes Report: January to December 2013
    Published: Jul 18 2014      Issue: Consumer Finance

    In July 2014, CRL released an Issues and Outcomes Report that summarized financial regulations for the year 2013. This report provides a review of some of the financial products and services most...

  • The State of Lending: Debt Settlement
    Published: Jun 30 2014      Issue: Debt Settlement

    Debt settlement companies offer the promise of settling a consumer’s debt for a fraction of what they owe. Unfortunately debt settlement carries significant risks that may result in consumers...

  • Letter of Support for Higher Education Act
    Published: Jun 25 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    This letter is written to the Chairman of the HELP Committee, Senator Tom Harkin (D – IA), as he seeks to reauthorize the Higher Education Act.

  • CRL Supports Proposed CFPB Amendments to Qualified Mortgage Rule (QM)
    Published: Jun 16 2014      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    In these comments, CRL expresses general support for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposals to amend the 2013 Mortgage Rules under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z).

  • Coalition Comment Letter on Proposed Gainful Employment Regulation
    Published: May 28 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    CRL added its support to a broad coalition calling for the Department of Education to ensure that its final gainful employment rulemaking must be strengthened to protect both students and taxpayers.

  • Gainful Employment Regulations Needed to Protect Students
    Published: May 28 2014      Issue: Student Loans

    Reforming for-profit college lending is a critical consumer protection need. For-profit colleges aggressively market their education programs and, in many cases, fail to provide a useful education...

  • Car Title Lenders Ignore Ability to Repay
    Published: May 13 2014      Issue: Car Title Loans

    Car title loans, like payday loans, are marketed as a quick financial fix, but lead to long-term debt and carry 300% annual interest rates. A typical borrower pays twice as much in interest and...

  • Comments to CFPB: Eliminate Harmful Practices in Debt Buying and Debt Collection
    Published: May 7 2014      Issue: Debt Collection

    Responding to an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, CRL addresses harmful practices that have become common in the debt buying and third-party debt collection industries. Debt buyers typically...

  • Letter to OCC: Improving Documentation When Banks Sell Debt
    Published: May 7 2014      Issue: Debt Collection

    CRL and several other consumer and civil rights organizations commend the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for issuing best practices on banks’ sales of charged-off consumer debt. They...

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