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The maps are based on data from the 2000 U.S. Census specifying the racial demographics of each census tract in North Carolina. Out of the 1,554 tracts in the state, the 20% (311 tracts) with the highest percentages of African-American populations are shaded dark brown. A second category of tracts with the 21% to 40% highest African-American populations were shaded light brown. The remaining 932 tracts, representing the 60% with the lowest percentages of African-Americans, were shaded grey.

The maps are also based on payday shop data from the online directory Switchboard.com, giving us addresses to each payday shop in the state as of late 2004. Each dot represents one payday shop. However, the dots do not necessarily reflect the exact street level location within the census tract, due to limitations in mapping software. The maps do reflect the exact number of rent-a-bank payday shops in each census tract.