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The latest news on overdraft fees, overdraft fees and other bank fees from the Center for Responsible Lending.

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  • Why a Third of Americans Treat Checking Accounts Like Payday Loans 
    Huffington Post 22 Oct 2014
    A recent study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reported that the average debit amount that triggers an overdraft fee is $24, and most of these overdrafts are repaid in about three ...
  • In Checking Accounts, The Less You Have, The More You May Pay 
    New York Times 21 Sep 2014
    The rules and fees associated with basic checking accounts can vary widely, with the annual cost ranging from $0 to more than $700, based on a 2014 survey by WalletHub.
  • Branch Employees Often Give False Info About Overdraft Fees: Consumer Groups 
    American Banker 05 Aug 2014
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) says 14.3 percent of big bank customers had overdraft coverage in 2011 and 2012, and 8 percent of these consumers paid overdraft fees at least 10 times ...
  • That $5 Latte Is Now Less Likely to Cost You $35 in Overdraft Fees 
    Washington Post 30 Jul 2014
    Some of the largest U.S. banks have worked to reduce customers' chances of incurring overdrafts. Research firm Moebs Services reports that 52 percent of banks with $50 billion-plus in assets have ...
  • Payments Puzzle Persists at Banks 
    Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2014
    Hundreds of small and regional banks continue to process checking-account transactions in order from the highest amount to the lowest, a policy that can trigger multiple overdraft fees in the same ...
  • Capital One to Stop Using Program to Weed Out Customers With History of Account Overdrafts 
    Washington Post 16 Jun 2014
    Capital One Financial will no longer use the popular screening program ChexSystems as a filter for potential customers with a history of overdrawing their accounts, the bank has announced.
  • Overdraft Fees at Banks Hit High, Despite Curbs 
    Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2014
    The estimated median overdraft fee reached a record $30 last year -- up from $29 in 2012 and $26 in 2009, according to a Moebs Services poll of 2,890 banks and credit unions.
  • Huntington Bank Winding Down Overdraft Fees 
    Charleston Gazette (West Virginia) 19 Mar 2014
    Huntington Bank is nearly done phasing out overdraft penalties, a process that it began about three years ago.
  • BofA Rolls Out Checking Account for Chronic Overdrafters 
    CNNMoney (NY) 06 Mar 2014
    Bank of America is pilot-testing a new option that aims to avoid overdraft fees by blocking customers from withdrawing more money than they have in their checking account.
  • Banks Fight Revised U.S. Plan to Monitor Checking Overdraft Fees 
    Bloomberg 21 Feb 2014
    U.S. banks are seeking to shield from scrutiny the $30 billion they collect annually in checking account fees, saying the proposed requirement for periodic reports is unacceptable even if it exempts ...
  • Indiana Attorney General Going After Mortgage Bailout Scammers 
    Fort Wayne News-Sentinel (IN) 03 Feb 2014
    There are just two mortgage bailout firms operating legally in Indiana, and state Attorney General Greg Zoeller has filed suit against three that are not.
  • Hefty Bank Fees Waylay Soldiers 
    Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2014
    Although soldiers and civilians alike struggle with bank overdraft fees, some banks that market to the military are top collectors of these fees in the United States.
  • Trustmark Settles Suit Over Fees 
    Jackson Free Press (MS) 26 Dec 2013
    Consumers harmed in recent years by Trustmark National Bank's overdraft policies could soon receive a windfall. The bank, without admitting wrongdoing, this fall settled charges that it manipulated the processing order of customer debit transactions in order to generate and maximize overdraft fees.
  • Regional Bank Settles Overdraft Issue for $2.5M 
    Courthouse News Service  04 Dec 2013
    A judge has granted final approval to Community Bank's $2.5 million settlement over excessive overdraft penalties. The agreement, tied to the practice of shuffling the order of customer debit card transactions in order to maximize overdraft fees
  • Community Trust in Ky. Faces Sanctions Tied to Overdraft Fees 
    American Banker 18 Nov 2013
    Community Trust Bancorp (CTBI) in Pikeville, Ky., disclosed in a recent regulatory filing that it could face sanctions from the Federal Reserve Board tied to its overdraft policy.
  • Protections for Checking Customers Vary Widely Among States: Pew 
    American Banker 13 Nov 2013
    Consumers in the Northeast and Southwest United States are more likely to receive consumer-friendly services with their checking accounts compared to residents in the Midwest and some Western states, a new analysis from Pew Charitable Trusts suggests.
  • Area Bank Agrees to $2.5 Million Settlement of Debit Card Fee Lawsuit 
    Scranton Times-Tribune 12 Nov 2013
    Pennsylvania-based First Liberty Bank & Trust has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle charges that it juggled the order in which it posted debit card transactions.
  • Judge Allows Overdraft Lawsuit Against Umpqua Bank in California to Proceed 
    Oregon Live  07 Nov 2013
    U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar in California has allowed a class-action lawsuit over Umpqua Bank's overdraft fee practices to proceed to trial, but only after tossing out many of the plaintiffs' legal claims.
  • Citizens Ending Fees for Small Overdrafts 
    Boston Globe  06 Nov 2013
    RBS Citizens Bank has announced its intent to eliminate overdraft charges for withdrawals of less than $5, reducing the chances of egregious fees for people who make small purchases with debit cards.
  • Loyalty To Your Bank Could Cost You Money 
    Time 16 Sep 2013
    The banking industry remains very unpopular five years after the financial crisis, according to the findings of the annual American Banker/Reputation Institute Survey of Bank Reputations.
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