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In addition to CRL’s extensive research documenting unfair overdraft practices, the FDIC and the Government Accountability Office have both produced reports outlining the abuses. CRL’s latest estimate of the overall cost of unauthorized overdrafts to Americans every year is $23.7 billion. We have also found that debit overdrafts cost $2 for every dollar “borrowed” from the bank to cover them.

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  • Overdraft Fees and Opting In Survey
    Published: Mar 23 2009      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    A survey of consumer preferences regading overdraft fees and the choice to opt-in to such programs.

  • Support HR 1456
    Published: Mar 12 2009      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    On March 12, 2009, Representative Carolyn Maloney, Chairwoman of the Financial Institutions Subcommittee (D-NY), and Representatives Ackerman, Miller of North Carolina, Ellison, Speier, Tierney,...

  • Payday Loans Put Families in the Red
    Published: Feb 20 2009      Issue: Overdraft Loans, Payday Loans

    Explains how payday lending does not help borrowers avoid overdraft fees in spite of industry claims.

  • Comment: Proposed Rule Regarding Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices – Overdraft Practices
    Published: Aug 4 2008      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    Overdraft comment letter

  • Comments on proposed Regulation DD amendments re Overdraft Lending
    Published: Jul 18 2008      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    America, Consumers Union, and the National Consumer Law Center, provide the following comments regarding the Federal Reserve Board’s proposed rule to amend Regulation DD pursuant to the Truth in...

  • Shredded Security
    Published: Jun 18 2008      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    Report on the impact of unauthorized overdraft fees on older Americans.

  • Require opt-in for overdraft
    Published: Jun 13 2008      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    CRL discusses importance of requiring banks to get explicit permission from customers before enrolling them in high-cost overdraft.

  • Consumers Want Informed Choice on Overdraft Fees and Banking Options
    Published: Apr 16 2008      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    A CRL survey finds respondents prefer that their bank or credit union deny debit card purchases that are not covered by the funds in their checking account, whether their purchase is for $5, $20 or...

  • Overdraft Loans Trap Borrowers in Debt
    Published: Mar 18 2008      Issue: Overdraft Loans

    CRL brief explains how overdraft loans trap account holders in high-cost debt to their banks.

  • Comment: Implementation of Military Lending Amendment
    Published: Feb 26 2008      Issue: Car Title Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgage Lending, Overdraft Loans, Payday Loans, Refund Anticipation Loans

    Comments on Implementation of Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents

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