Fast Facts--Debt Settlement

  • Over a half million Americans are in debt settlement programs today.1
  • Last year, the Federal Trade Commission ruled that debt settlement companies cannot collect any fees until after settling at least some debt for the consumer. If a debt settlement company asks you to pay up front, you should probably go elsewhere.
  • Very few consumers receive what they are promised—the elimination of their debt:
    • A survey of debt settlement companies revealed that 34.4 percent of enrollees had 75 percent or more of their debt settled within three years.2
    • Data released by the Colorado Attorney General showed that only 11.35 percent of consumers who had enrolled more than three years earlier had all of their debt settled.3
    • When asked to show that most of their customers are better off after debt settlement, industry leaders said that would be an ‘unrealistic measure.’ In other words, debt settlers cannot even say they can help at least half of their clients settle their debt and save more money than they pay in fees.4
  • Stopping payments to creditors as part of a debt settlement plan can reduce a consumer’s credit score from 65 and 125 points, with higher impacts on consumers who were current on their payments prior to enrolling in the program.5
  • Missed payments can remain on a consumer’s credit report for seven years even after a debt is settled.6
  • Many consumers who enroll in debt settlement programs, whether because of it or in spite of it, end up having to file for bankruptcy, with estimates ranging from between 13.5 percent and almost 25 percent of enrollees filing bankruptcy.7



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