How to File a Complaint

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Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division works to protect the public from unlawful business practices. The office handles complaints on a variety of consumer issues, including automobile sales, landlord-tenant relationships, new home sales, debt collection and credit, marketing scams and many others.

NC Attorney General's Office
Toll-free 877-566-7226

NC Commissioner of Banks

The Office of the Commissioner of Banks can help with questions or complaints regarding

  • State-chartered commercial banks, savings banks, savings & loan associations and non-depository trust companies
  • Financial holding companies registered in NC
  • All companies performing fiduciary activities (trust operations) licensed in NC
  • Check Cashing Companies, Consumer Finance Companies, Money Transmitters, Mortgage Companies, Reverse Mortgage Lenders, and Tax Refund Anticipations Lenders

NC Commissioner of Banks
Tel. 919-733-3016
Fax 919-733-6918

If you are not sure if a company is regulated by the Commissioner of Banks, contact the agency by calling 919-733-3016 and ask for the Consumer Complaint Division.

Bank or Credit Union Not Regulated By NC Commissioner of Banks

To file a complaint against a bank or credit union that is not regulated by the NC Commissioner of Banks just follow one of the links below:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

National Banks: If your institution has "National," "National Association," or the initials "N.A." in or following its name, it is a National Bank and is regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which can be reached at 800-613-6743 or

National Credit Union Administration

Federal Credit Unions will usually have the word "federal" or "F.C.U." in their name. Federal Credit Unions are regulated by the National Credit Union Administration, which can be reached at 602-302-6000 or

Office of Thrift Supervision

Federal Savings and Loans/Savings Banks will usually have "federal," "federal association," "federal savings banks" or the initials "F.A." or "F.S.L.A." in their name. Federal Savings and Loans/Savings Banks are regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision, which can be reached at 650-746-7000 or


To file a complaint in NC about realtor: 

NC Real Estate Commission
(919) 875-3700

Real Estate Appraisers 

To file a complaint in NC regarding real estate appraisers:

North Carolina Appraisal Board
Tel. 919-420-7920
Fax 919-420-7925