Mission and History

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Before CRL began working on national campaigns or even existed for that matter, partners and allies in North Carolina achieved success working together against predatory lending. The Coalition formed in response to the large number of abusive home loans that a number of lenders and housing groups witnessed in North Carolina in the mid-to-late 1990s. We found that the combination of the explosive growth in subprime lending, the paucity of regulation of the industry, and the lack of financial sophistication of large numbers of subprime borrowers created an environment ripe for abuse.

In 1999, the NC Coalition for Responsible Lending spearheaded an effort that helped pass the NC Predatory Lending Law. The bill was supported by associations representing the state’s largest banks, community banks, mortgage bankers, credit unions, mortgage brokers, Realtors, NAACP, consumers, and community development/housing groups.

The NC Predatory Lending Law passed in 1999 with overwhelming support of the General Assembly. The bill was written in collaboration with industry groups such as the N.C. Bankers Association and the N.C. Association of Mortgage Professionals. We continue to accomplish together, what none of us could acting alone.