About the North Carolina Coalition for Responsible Lending

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The North Carolina Coalition for Responsible Lending is an organization committed to protecting homeownership and family wealth.  The Coalition is an alliance of North Carolinian organizations dedicated to the following principles of responsible lending:

  • Borrower Choice: Borrowers must not be trapped in a bad loan because of predatory lending practices, up-front charges, or penalties for repaying a loan.
  • Fees and Refinancings: High loan fees and refinancings must not strip family wealth or home equity, or cause homeowners to lose their homes.
  • Disclosure: All brokers and lenders must provide full, up-front disclosure of all fees and compensation.
  • Competition: Loan markets must remain flexible and competitive enough to keep capital flowing to people who are in need and able to repay.
  • Enforcement: The agencies responsible for regulating and protecting NC consumers must have the resources, authority and mandate to protect all North Carolinians.

The Coalition represents over 3 million North Carolinians through more than 200 organizations, including: