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Looking for foreclosure information? Try Googling “foreclosure,” and you’ll get more than 32 million results. Here we whittle it down to bring you a few good foreclosure resources in one central location.

New Monitor Report Recaps Efforts

Joseph. A. Smith, the Monitor for the National Mortgage Settlement says in this video that banks are nearing completion on consumer relief terms.

Forecast Remains Grim

Amherst Securities has testified that more than 10 million homeowners are likely to lose their homes – about 1 in 5 of all mortgages existing today.

Foreclosures: Hazardous
to Your Health

New studies show a strong correlation between foreclosures and serious health issues, including depression, suicide and more frequent hospitalizations for diabetes and high blood pressure. In a New York Times article, “Foreclosures are Killing Us,” experts call the health hazards associated with foreclosures a “bona fide public health crisis.”

Robo-Signing Reveals Rush to Foreclosure

Find out more about the scandal, the response, and what should be done.


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