The Cost of Bad Lending in New York

Updated August 2010

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The foreclosure epidemic started with bad subprime loans, but predatory lending continues to have a negative impact on all kinds of consumer debt. Below you can see a snapshot of foreclosures in  and the high price of abusive overdraft fees and kickbacks on car loans.

Congress has passed financial reforms that will encourage honest competition among lenders and help make consumer loans safe and fair. Find out more about the benefits of Wall Street reform, including the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, at

Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures

2010 State foreclosure projections:  

State foreclosure projections (2009-2012):  

Total state foreclosure starts (Q1-2008 through Q1-2010):  

Total state foreclosure sales (Q1-2008 through Q3-2009):  

Total state foreclosure inventory (end Q1-2010):  

Total state past due mortgages (end Q1-2010):  

Annual change in foreclosure starts in the state (ending Q1-2010):  %

Change in state foreclosure starts (Q3-2006 to Q1-2010):  %

Lost Wealth

U.S. lost home equity wealth due to nearby foreclosures, 2009-2012:  $1.9 trillion

Statewide lost home equity wealth due to nearby foreclosures, 2009-2012:  $ billion

Number of homes in state experiencing foreclosure-related decline:  

Average loss per home affected in state:  $

Squelched State Consumer Protection Laws

Higher-rate mortgages made by institutions with federal regulator that preempted state laws (2006):  %

Mortgages of all types made by institutions whose federal regulator preempted state laws (2006):  %

Overdraft Loan Costs

U.S. cost of overdraft lending: $23.7 billion

State's share of overdraft fees:  $ billion

U.S. share of overdraft loan fees from debit card transactions: 44%

U.S. median amount of credit extended in debit card overdraft loan: $16

U.S. median amount of ovedraft loan fee: $34

Auto Financing

Cost of dealer overcharges on auto loan interest rates – all cars:  $ million

Cost of interest rate overcharges – new cars:  $ million

Cost of interest rate overcharges – used cars:  $ million

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Overdraft/Payday Lending

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Auto Financing

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