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Back in 2001, we estimated that predatory mortgage lending cost consumers $9.1 billion every year. Since then, the market for subprime home loans surged, then exploded, and it has become painfully clear that the total cost of bad lending practices is almost incalculable. Still, we keep trying. In recent years our research has focused on topics such as trends in the subprime market, racial disparities in lending, and an assessment of predatory lending laws in the states. Visit us often to stay up-to-date on our latest findings, including periodic assessments of reports issued by lenders and regulatory agencies.

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  • Letter to Regulators on Down Payments (QRM Requirements)
    Published: Aug 30 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    CRL and six other organizations submit comments to regulators explaining why government-mandated down payments would be damaging to lower- and middle-income families and the housing market as a whole.

  • "Qualified Residential Mortgages" -- the Negative Impact of a Government-Mandated 10 Percent Down Payment
    Published: Aug 29 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    On August 29, 2012, CRL and several other organizations submitted a letter to federal and financial regulators opposing a government-mandated down payment requirement as part of the pending...

  • Comments on Enterprise Housing Goals
    Published: Jul 31 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    The Center for Responsible Lending, Consumer Federation of America, and Empire Justice Center submitted comments to the Federal Housing Finance Agency on a proposed rule for the 2012-2014...

  • No Credit Crunch: The CFPB and Consumer Access to Credit
    Published: Jul 24 2012      Issue: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mortgage Lending

    Mike Calhoun, CRL President, testified that lack of regulation led to the foreclosure crisis. The Dodd-Frank reforms and CFPB are important reforms to prevent a future housing crisis, and will be...

  • The Impact of Dodd-Frank's Home Mortgage Reforms
    Published: Jul 11 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    CRL Senior Vice President Eric Stein emphasized the importance of defining "Qualified Mortgage" broadly to avoid shutting out creditworthy borrowers from the mortgage market. He recommended that QM...

  • Expanding, Streamlining Mortgage Refinances
    Published: Jun 27 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    The Boxer-Menendez bill to expand refinances offers a bipartisan opportunity to help homeowners and boost the economy. The bill would more than double the number of homeowners who could refinance...

  • California Foreclosure Statistics: The Crisis is Not Over
    Published: Apr 26 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Compilation of California foreclosure statistics through 2011 from a variety of sources, including Center for Responsible Lending, DataQuick and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

  • Summary of National Mortgage Settlement
    Published: Mar 14 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Forty-nine state attorneys generals and two government agencies have reached a $25 billion agreement with the nation's five largest mortgage servicers to address mortgage loan servicing and...

  • Balancing Risk and Access: Underwriting Standards for Qualified Residential Mortgages
    Published: Jan 18 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Mandatory down payments on mortgages would put fairly-priced loans out of reach for millions of creditworthy families.

  • Foreclosure Counseling: Areas of Greatest Need in 2011
    Published: Dec 1 2011      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Which areas of the U.S. have been hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis in 2011? Which areas have the greatest need for foreclosure counselors? This report analyzes 366 metropolitan and 577...

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