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During the years that led up to the subprime mortgage crisis, Congress was notably passive in dealing with the proliferation of abuses that flourished in a reckless lending environment. The foreclosure crisis that triggered today’s economic problems underscores the need for sensible regulations and protections. Today there are many reforms being weighed and balanced in Washington and in the states. Here we help you keep abreast of proposed policies and their pros and cons.

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  • Expanding, Streamlining Mortgage Refinances
    Published: Jun 27 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    The Boxer-Menendez bill to expand refinances offers a bipartisan opportunity to help homeowners and boost the economy. The bill would more than double the number of homeowners who could refinance...

  • Regulatory Compliance Costs and Small Financial Institutions
    Published: May 9 2012      Issue: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mortgage Lending

    CRL President Michael Calhoun testifies before a House Financial Services subcommittee on the benefits of strong lending protections. Financial reform, including the CFPB, is good for American...

  • Refinancing: Helping Responsible Homeowners Save Money
    Published: Apr 25 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Interest rates are at historic lows, but many homeowners who could benefit from these low rates have not refinanced their higher-rate mortgage. In this testimony, CRL President Michael Calhoun...

  • Summary of National Mortgage Settlement
    Published: Mar 14 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    Forty-nine state attorneys generals and two government agencies have reached a $25 billion agreement with the nation's five largest mortgage servicers to address mortgage loan servicing and...

  • National mortgage Settlement is a game-changer
    Published: Feb 17 2012      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    A lawsuit highlights possible foreclosure fraud, as loan servicing employees admit they don’t actually review foreclosure documents; instead they do "robo-signing.

  • Comments on the Federal Housing Finance Agency Joint Initiative on Mortgage Servicing Issues
    Published: Dec 27 2011      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    FHFA has the mandate and the opportunity to improve mortgage servicing practices. CRL recommends incentives to encourage better service by loan servicers and to promote more timely and effective...

  • Facing the Foreclosure Crisis:
    Four Urgent Needs to Address Now.

    Published: Nov 29 2011      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    This policy brief is a companion piece to CRL's foreclosure research, "Lost Ground, 2011." Here we discuss practical policies that would help stop the foreclosure epidemic and restore confidence in...

  • Amici Curiae CSJ and CRL in Guillaume
    Published: Sep 26 2011      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    CRL filed an amicus brief to the New Jersey Supreme Court, advocating for strict compliance with New Jersey’s Fair Foreclosure Act and the federal Truth in Lending Act’s intentional reordering of...

  • Coalition Urges Strong Servicing Settlement that Holds Banks Accountable
    Published: Aug 24 2011      Issue: Mortgage Lending

    As state Attorneys General wrap up their robo-signing investigation, CRL joins Americans for Financial Reform in urging AGs to produce a strong settlement for homeowners that prevents unnecessary...

  • Comments to CFPB re Larger Participant Rulemaking
    Published: Aug 15 2011      Issue: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Debt Settlement, Installment Loans, Refund Anticipation Loans
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