New attack on CRL is same old story--and still wrong

November 23, 2009

The Consumers Rights League—which has attacked CRL repeatedly since early 2008—is a fake grassroots group that has operated under the wing of various D.C. lobbying and public relations firms.  Now they are attacking the accuracy of CRL lobbying reports, although their "complaint" merely repeats discredited claims about CRL donors and inaccurately alleges other "violations" where CRL has in fact complied with lobbying laws.  The CR League admits that they "lack the facts to speak with certainty" about these issues, and they previously have tried to peddle similar allegations to the press with little success. Their real intent is to discredit CRL, damage our reputation, and prevent us from fighting unfair lending practices.

Not coincidentally, this attack comes just as Congress is considering increasing consumer protection in financial products--something that CRL has been advocating for years, and which CR League backers apparently want to derail.  We say "apparently" because the CR League refuses to disclose who is behind their organization.  Their website does not disclose any information about the group: where it is based, who funds it, who is on its board, and what the connections of those people are.

Update 11/12/09: Now these discredited claims have shown up on "blog for hire" -- no surprise since its chief is also the head of the CR League.

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