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As a longstanding leader in the fight against reckless and abusive lending practices, the Center for Responsible Lending and its affiliate, Self-Help, are often the subject of attacks by predatory lenders. These well-financed interest groups create fancy front groups and back multi-million dollar smear campaigns to try and put a stop to the important work that we do.

Our opponents have a profit-driven interest in exploiting consumers with abusive lending practices.  We, on the other hand, are driven by a non-profit, nonpartisan mission to protect homeownership and family wealth for hardworking Americans.

We have created the Center for Straight Answers to set the record straight. Our opponent’s baseless attacks distract from the issues that matter, and the American people deserve the truth and straight answers.

Please feel free to search all of the entries below, and help us stay one step ahead of the predatory lenders and their lobbyists by using the tip-line to alert us to their new attacks and schemes.

To learn more about these fancy front groups and their attacks visit our Astroturf Group Alert page.

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