CA Mortgage Overview

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Keep Your Home California

Keep Your Home California is a federally funded program to help California homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages.

No other state in the union has seen the volume of home foreclosures that we have seen in the Golden State. Cities, like Riverside, Stockton and Vallejo, and entire regions, like the Central Valley and the Inland Empire, have been ravaged by the foreclosure crisis caused by risky lending. And while we have already lost half a million homes to foreclosure throughout California, the latest CRL research indicates that the crisis isn’t even halfway over.

But whether we are in times of comfort or times of crisis, CRL’s California office aims to protect the wallets and financial well-being of Californians. When it comes to mortgages and homeownership, that means everything from working to prevent unnecessary foreclosures to putting in place responsible lending practices. Another half-million homeowners in the Golden State are currently at risk of foreclosure. Policies that will help Californians maintain the dream of homeownership are as important as making sure that the path to homeownership remains clear.

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