Advocate Toolkit:
Getting your Letter to the Editor Published

As online edition of print publications gain dominance and traffic, many news organizations offer several options to submit a Letter to the Editor. One such option is a web form that limits the length of submissions, and also requires valid information on the author (full name, daytime phone number, street address, e-mail address).

Regardless of which option is available, submissions that offer concise and clear content will be afforded serious consideration. Always strive to limit your letter to no more than 350 words. Here is a sample:

[Insert date]

Dear Editor:

[Local Coalition] is just one of dozens of citizen groups across fighting for fair financial services. Consumers throughout [state name] realize that in these difficult economic times, regulatory reform and even-handed enforcement are just as important as consumer awareness.

Here in [your town] people have seen how [insert issue] has stripped the financial resources of hard-working residents. What was advertised as a convenient and affordable financial service has been revealed to be a deceitful debt trap. Instead of paying for child care, or medical bills, those funds have been shifted to hopefully pay off a quick cash scheme.

I am therefore appealing to the Governor and State Legislature to remember the people who gave them their offices with our votes. Give our concerns the same serious attention that we gave you with every vote cast. You're there to represent the people, not the financial services industry.